A Party Platter of Tamales

Fiesta Tamal Charola !!! Presenting our take-home party platter for approx. 10 people! Choose your tamales. Office lunch, weekend party — a tray of our tamales makes every meeting more delicious. Please call 312-888-3193 to place your order! At Fiesta Tamaleria El Barrio, $90., includes your choice of tamales, rice, pinto beans, habanero-jalapeño-lime pico de… Continue reading A Party Platter of Tamales

“Best tamales I’ve had in my life guys.”

"Best tamales I've had in my life guys. Texturally they were like none I have experienced before. The moisture content and texture were just fantastic… out of this world. Pork rojo with adding their red salsa was incredible. That one was my favorite, but they were all worth the trip."

This Weekend @5Rabanitos — Pork Belly with Guerrero-Style Cecina (Beef)

For this weekend’s special, we are serving: Pork Belly with Guerrero-Style Cecina (Beef), avocado serrano-chipotle tomatillo sauce, a fresh mini huarache filled with bacon pinto beans, and a side of guacamole. 😍🥑🥓 #cecina #porkbelly #guerrerostyle #huarache #pilsenchicago #chicagomexicanfood #5rabanitosPork Belly with Guerrero-Style Cecina (Beef) — 5 Rabanitos