Taking Out? Order Online!

Order online from Fiesta Tamaleria El Barrio! Tamales, atoles, churros, buñuelos... by Chef Alfonso Sotelo. 1820 W. 18th Street, Pilsen, Chicago. 312-888-3193

A Party Platter of Tamales

Fiesta Tamal Charola !!! Presenting our take-home party platter for approx. 10 people! Choose your tamales. Office lunch, weekend party — a tray of our tamales makes every meeting more delicious. Please call 312-888-3193 to place your order! At Fiesta Tamaleria El Barrio, $90., includes your choice of tamales, rice, pinto beans, habanero-jalapeño-lime pico de… Continue reading A Party Platter of Tamales

Happy first day of Chef Alonso’s tamales!

Happy day 1 of having Chef Alonso's tamales available on 18th Street, right across from Harrison Park — welcome to Fiesta Tamaleria El Barrio! — starting today, we would very much like to serve some of Chef Alonso's tamales to you! 🥳🌽😍 #fiestatamaleria #pilsenchicago #5rabanitos